DissCoverMy doctoral research focused on counter-imperial ethics and mandates in the Apocalypse of John, particularly the paradoxical nature of the summons for the seven churches to ‘conquer.’ My dissertation is now available on here.





My second book, “The Son of God: Three Views of thecover Identity of Jesus,” with Charles Lee Irons and Danny Dixon also contributing, is a civil and scholarly dialogue regarding the three primary christological positions held by NT experts today. It is available at Wipf and Stock’s website here and from here.

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  1. Hey Dustin,

    Ever since I became a believer in One God and One Lord I’ve begun to be bugged by the question of Sabbath keeping and food laws.

    I see many examples in the NT texts that seem to speak against me having to keep those laws being a gentile. But then I have begun to be exposed to more Torah friendly folks and I’ve begun think am I wrong on this?

    What does scholarship have to say about the topic of the ten commandments and the food laws? Why do people feel that they must keep those laws and essentially become Jews without physical circumcision?

    If you could point me to some articles or scholars that can dispel this issue or at least help me understand that would be great!

    1. I’m not Dustin, and it’s been over a year since you commented, but I hope you see this reply. I first came to Torah, then began to realize the errors (perhaps even sins) of Trinitarianism.

      I don’t know what your studies have shown you, but I hope you consider the relevance of the Torah as the guidelines for those in covenant with our God through the Messiah.

      In my early studies of the New Testament’s take on the Torah, I quickly realized that pages like Mark 7, Acts 10, and Romans 14 have nothing to do with overturning the commandments of Leviticus 11.

      The more I studied the Sabbath and the feasts of Leviticus 23, the more I realized their cyclical significance in redemptive/prophetic events—including in the apocalyptic writings. Key events in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus fell on those dates mirrored (magnified) the original events in the Exodus.

      It has been a wonderful study for me to grow in my faith and walk in the shoes of the Prophet; I encourage you to continue seeking these things out.

      1. I would suggest trying Islam. It is recognised by orthodox, conservative and reform jews as a righteous and fully monotheistic gentile religion which incorporates the belief in Jesus as Messiah, i.e. servant-worshipper of the One True God. The Augustine doctrine of ransom from original sin is not accepted, neither the theois or divinisation of human beings as modes of salvation. Monotheistic faith, good sincere works like prayer, charity, fasting, avoidance of sins like idolatry, usury, sexual imorality, etc may make one hope in the Mercy of the AllMerciful (Rahman).

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