My Post-Debate Interview with Dale Tuggy

a2dc71f2-2c22-490b-b72c-21eb95d4d2daDale Tuggy of interviewed me after my debate on Jesus’ preexistence. The recording of the interview can be accessed below. This was a good interview because it gave me an opportunity to clarify my stance on Jesus as the embodiment of Lady Wisdom, especially in 1 Cor 1:30; 8:6b; and 10:4. We also talk about my interpretive methodology, Philo’s influence on christology, and the nature of the Logos in the Old Testament. Check it out if you are following the discussion!


podcast 136 – Dr. Dustin Smith on debating Jesus’s preexistence Interviews the Co-authors of “The Son of God: Three Views of the Identity of Jesus” (part 1 – Trinitarian)

Over at the podcast, Dale Tuggy has begun to release his interviews with the three authors of my newest volume The Son of God: Three Views of the Identity of JesusIn this week’s episode, Tuggy interviews the proponent of the Trinitarian perspective – Dr. Lee Irons.


You can access the video here:


Lee Irons offers what he feel is the ‘correct’ understanding of the eternal Son of God as taught properly in the doctrine of the Trinity. He also responds to a few of my critiques (and a few of Dale Tuggy’s as well). What do you think of the presentation?

Be sure to look forward to next week’s podcast where Dale Tuggy will interview the second contributor of the book. His interview with me will air on the following week.

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