“And Wisdom Became Flesh” – How the Gospel of John depicts Jesus as the incarnation of Lady Wisdom

Having already noted the theology in both Proverbs and Sirach which depicts the personified Lady Wisdom as embodied in human figures (i.e., the ideal wife and Simon the High Priest), I have observed the same trend within the Gospel of John. In fact, the connections between Jewish literature describing Lady Wisdom and Jesus within John are far greater in number than the connections in Proverbs and Sirach (and I might not have even found all of them).

The primary conclusion of this evidence suggests that if the Gospel of John repeatedly depicted Jesus Christ as the embodiment and incarnation of Lady Wisdom, which itself is a personification rather than a literal person alongside Yahweh, then this is a strong indicator that the Fourth Gospel is not thinking in terms of Jesus consciously existing prior to his birth. Furthermore, if Logos and Wisdom were understood as synonymous terms (as Wis 9:1-2 suggests), then the theology of Jesus as the incarnation of Lady Wisdom needs to be read in conjunction with the prologue (John 1:1-18).


5 thoughts on ““And Wisdom Became Flesh” – How the Gospel of John depicts Jesus as the incarnation of Lady Wisdom

  1. You are right, of course.!
    If you’d like a second opinion have a look at the Footnote to the Gospel According to John in the NAB Bible -particularly the references relating to John 1 , 1-18.

    ” The Word (Greek logos) this word combines God’s dynamic,creative word (Genesis). PERSONIFIED pre-existent Wisdom as the instrument of God’s creative activity (Proverbs) and the ultimate intelligibility of reality (Hellenisticphilosophy)”

    One cannot fail to notice that Genesis Chapter 1 shows that it was by God’s spoken word that the heavens and the earth were created See verses 3,6,9,11 14 & ,20 etc.

    One must not lose sight of the fact that John was the first theologian and therefore differs in style to the other gospel writers.

    God Bless

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