Incarnational Theology within the Book of Sirach (i.e., How Lady Wisdom Became Flesh in the High Priest Simon)

As a follow up to last week’s video on the Incarnation of Lady Wisdom in the Ideal Woman of Proverbs 31, I have set forth data which I feel points to the conclusion that the Book of Sirach also depicts a human being as the embodiment of God’s personified wise interaction with creation. In short, Sirach 24 offers a picture of Lady Wisdom in rich poetry, and that poetry is used later in the same book to describe the historical High Priest Simon, using the same Greek words in the process! Furthermore, I note how the language of Sirach was picked up by the Prologue of John in order to depict Jesus in the same terms and theology. Since Lady Wisdom is a clear personification (rather than a actual person alongside Yahweh), then this example in Sirach sheds some much needed light on how John 1:1-14 should be responsibly interpreted.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “Incarnational Theology within the Book of Sirach (i.e., How Lady Wisdom Became Flesh in the High Priest Simon)

  1. Wisdom was already in the Canonical (LXX) Chronicles and Kings the Logos made Son of David/Son of God named Solomon dwelling in him (more precisely in his heart of flesh and blood).
    Surely, Sirach provided an authorative precedent for John, who was always defending his Messiah as a valid jewish son of God.

  2. The only problem with (selectively) fundamentalist literalists is that they do not follow their rigid logic to its natural conclusion, i.e. they should admit to worshipping a transgender and transformer (Lady Wisdom/Son of Man) god(ess). If they did they would be at least honest to their commitment to literalist fundamentalism.

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