Interviews the Co-authors of “The Son of God: Three Views of the Identity of Jesus” (part 1 – Trinitarian)

Over at the podcast, Dale Tuggy has begun to release his interviews with the three authors of my newest volume The Son of God: Three Views of the Identity of JesusIn this week’s episode, Tuggy interviews the proponent of the Trinitarian perspective – Dr. Lee Irons.


You can access the video here:


Lee Irons offers what he feel is the ‘correct’ understanding of the eternal Son of God as taught properly in the doctrine of the Trinity. He also responds to a few of my critiques (and a few of Dale Tuggy’s as well). What do you think of the presentation?

Be sure to look forward to next week’s podcast where Dale Tuggy will interview the second contributor of the book. His interview with me will air on the following week.

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8 thoughts on “ Interviews the Co-authors of “The Son of God: Three Views of the Identity of Jesus” (part 1 – Trinitarian)

  1. Worthwhile to listen to this – in light of what it was – at least clarified issues and perspective of the issues. I am only half through – so it may get better. The trin needed to be challenged on the creation through Jesus thing – and the BUs need to get challenged on Col1:16 relating to a “new creation” which IMHO is silly, forced and unnecessary – and creates a lack of credibility to due straining.

  2. Dustin

    Irons criticized you for failure to deal with the two to three texts in which Jesus is indicated to be a personal agent of creation. I was surprised that he said this and would be more surprised had you not quickly dispatched this conception since Irons so heavily relied on it.

    Can you please provide some clarification of this criticism by Irons?



    1. I think if you read the response of mine toward the end of the book you will find that I do indeed respond to them. I also respond massively to John 1:1-18 in my rebuttal to Dixon (in his section of the book).

  3. I am certain that Irons had read all of what we contributed to the book. He seems to be unconvinced of both mine and Danny’s positions.

    1. Thanks. I am puzzled why he specifically said that you simply did not deal with it because you pre-suppositionally denied a pre-incarnate Jesus. That is a very different position than being unconvinced at how someone dealt with it.

      I would be interested in seeing that portion of the book published on your blog – now that I am curious about why Irons did not seem to think you dealt with this aspect of Jesus.

      1. I don’t think it would be fair to the other two contributors (who each are expecting their fair share of royalties) to post large sections of the book. Feel free to facebook Irons if you want to converse with him. He is a nice guy and very eager to dialogue on these issues.

      2. Understand – I guess I was not expecting this one response was more than a page or so. Sure – I will shoot David an email – and mention that you were did in fact cover this – and why he said you did not…

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