Video – Paradoxical Conquering in the Apocalypse of John

Here is the YouTube video of my recent presentation at the Atlanta Bible College Annual Theological Conference. 


5 thoughts on “Video – Paradoxical Conquering in the Apocalypse of John

  1. Great presentation. Your comment that in Rev 11:8 “ptoma” is singular rather than plural was especially interesting to me. Does the grammar absolutely require that it be translated “body” rather than “bodies,” or could it be rendered either way depending on context? Can you provide some background on the Greek grammar involved here?

    1. Hi Sarah. Thanks for watching. It is basically the difference between a singular noun (“body”) and a plural noun (“bodies”). It has to be translated as a single body (lit: corpse). How one interprets that single corpse is up the the reader, of course. The same distinction between singular and plural nouns is made in our language. It is a rather simply grammatical point which has been missed by many readers.

      1. Thanks! Amazing that so many Bible versions render this incorrectly. The NASB is the only one I found that at least footnotes the correct translation.

  2. In fact the singular is a “distributive singular”, see Moulton Milligan, Turner or Blass Debrunner.

    Even in English and certainly in French we can say “they shook their head.”

    The singular tells nothing about the definition of the two prophets, two witnesses.

    The first meaning of two witnesses would be two individuals (see Eldon Ladd for example):

    “More likely that John conceived of the 2 witnesses as two scatological personages.” Comm on Rev.

  3. This discussion provides a good example of the need to be very careful! It is wrong to cry “singular” if one has insufficient knowledge of how Greek works.

    In addition, notice that in v. 9 we have the plural corpses!

    Henry Alford is always worth consulting: “where the context requires the separate corpses to be specified, the plural is used” (Comm, p. 658).

    If the “two prophets” are not taken literally one is hard pressed to explain how they are said to wear sackcloth and have tombs!

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