Noah and Bart

Two pieces of news:

First of all, I went to see the Noah movie last night. It was certainly a movie that made me think. Turned into a dramatic, creative retelling of the Noah story. The word I would use to describe the movie would be “entertaining” at the very least. Certainly worth a view. I cannot say much more because I prefer not to spoil the surprises. 

Secondly, I got my copy of Bart Ehrman’s new book on christology in the mail yesterday. I will be blogging on each chapter as soon as I can finish the pile of work on my desk. Check back Monday morning.

Have a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “Noah and Bart

  1. We too say the movie. Entertainment is the best description. They did say they took “artistic license” with the biblical text. Boy Howdy! My hope is that this will not be taken as “Gospel” and will get people thinking and praying to learn what God’s truth is not just what someone feeds them.
    I saw a review which quite correctly said that if they stuck to the biblical tale it would have been a 10 minute cartoon which I can agree with since there is very little detail in Genesis to fill out a 2 hour movie with.

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